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So this is something me and the old man have been working on, got the idea from you lot across the pond.:patriot:
He didnt want to trike it as wanted to be able to sell or ride it as a bike.
The best bit about this set up is that it just bolts on and off as you keep the bike rear wheel as the driving wheel and just two out rigging wheels, all was good until we had a conversion with vosa who said that it is not road legal in the uk!:thumbd:
They say that because of the weight of the bike it is classed as a heavy quadricycle and every wheel has to have brakes that work on a combined system!!!!!!:rant:
We know the bike has a 70/30 combined system on the rear brake so the old boy put mini drums on the unit with a 10% byest on which will be linked to the rear brake system on quick release hydrolic linker.:thumb:
Have that vosa!!!:evilaugh: so toed in the wheels and took it for a run and realized it was in need of a damper. so all good now! hopefully!
The unit has torsion suspension so has some give in it, think it is 20% give and 10% lean angle.
Our question....
Is anyone else in the uk or europe (simila laws) running a similer unit to this on there bike and had similer problems with the athority?:idunno:
Thanks for looking.


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