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SMS stands for Short Message Service, and Europe and
Asia have thoroughly embraced this text messaging
technology. Using your phone to send and receive text
messages is a newer phenomenon in the U.S. Now we're
getting into the fray with Google SMS. It's a way to
access Google for precise information from your mobile
phone or handheld device (like a BlackBerry).

Google SMS is a handy way to, say, get a listing for a
nearby restaurant, find the definition of a word, or
look up the price of a product, an area code or Zip
code. You can even use Google SMS to calculate a tip.
If your phone is enabled for text messages, just send
your query to this 5-digit US shortcode: 46645. (It
corresponds to GOOGL on most phones.) Your query
results are sent as text messages, not links. Learn
more about using Google SMS on our help page or by
sending a text message with the word 'help' to 46645.

-- Benjamin Ling
Product Manager, Google SMS
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