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Okay, after a bit of fussing, I got the M4 full systme on--boy, am I happy!! It is a much more mellow sounding than the Erion Slip-on I had, and the bike feels a lot "healthier" in the mid and upper rev ranges.

I made my own 02 sensor bypass by buying a card of 330-ohm resistors at Radio Shack (.99!!!), cutting one down a bit, inserting both ends across the white wire slots on the connector, and using a bit of Electrical tape. Quite easily done. I also used a self-tapping machine screw to hold the "flapper" down in the airbox.

The only issue I have now is that there is a definite bog right around 2500RPM--I'm hoping that a PC-III will knock this out and maybe uncover a few extra ponies to boot.

Otherwise, I am quite happy! :D

P.S. I took some pictures--how do I post them on here? TIA!!


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