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I wasn't sure if I wanted to revive this thread or start a netw one. I figured I'd title a new thread to be more restricted.

Does anyone have a GPS tracker in their bike? What was the unit cost? What was is the monthly subscription? Is it battery powered or hardwired?

I just bought myself a 2021 Ninja 1000sx. It's the first time i've purchased a bike less than 10 years old. I work in an area that... well, about a month ago there was a drive-by shooting in the building next door, so it's pretty safe, eh?

I don't want to ride either of my fancy bikes down here for fear of them being stolen. Unfortunately, I've sold all my other bikes. So I'm in the market for a gps anti-theft unit. I'd like one I can hardwire in so it charges any time the bike is running. I'm not interested in all those IMU measurements and route tracking so I don't need some hyper detailed monthly plan. So I'm wondering what people have used and what y'all'd recommend.
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