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Hey guys,

I am looking to update the headlights on my '03 954. I have tried several of the H7 LED bulbs that are out there, most of which have a huge backend that doesn't allow for the rubber seal to go on the back of the bulbs (not a huge deal for weather in Southern California). I recently picked up some H4 Angel Eyes that I think would look great and make the bike more noticeable while splitting lanes.

The bulbs are too thick to fit into the headlight assembly. Has anybody made the openings into the reflective housing larger? Adjusting the outer mounting ring to fit H7 is easy enough with a Dremel, but I am concerned about the reflective material flaking off if I try to grind a larger opening.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,

2003 CBR954RR
2001 CBR929RR (RIP)
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