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Have to thank these guys for going above and beyond what a _lot_ of other online suppliers weren't up to.
Was chasing a RaceTech Gold Valve kit for my mate's '81 GSX1100E.
Searched through all the usual online sites with no success, not even Ebay listed the FEGV S3301 kit. I don't think all of the sites I contacted responded, but certainly most of them did. Most simply said they couldn't supply the "S3301" kit but could supply the FEGV 3301 kit (which is for small dirtbikes), several others (including said the part number wasn't in their RaceTech catalogue so I would need to check with RaceTech. Hardracing though was the only one that offered to order me the kit if I could confirm the part number through RaceTech. I emailed both domestic and international sales addresses with no response from RaceTech. I even placed the order on their site, still zero acknowledgement. So I emailed Hardracing again and asked if they might be able able to chase them up for me through their distributor, which they did immediately - and they arrived last week :)
Thanks guy's for some terrific service!
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