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I just spoke to Haynes,
they are currently not working on the CBR1000RR8 manual and do not intend to bring one out for another 18 months :crap:
Feel free to lobby them to do it sooner::evilaugh:
See reply below:
Dear Steve,
[Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding a Service and Repair Manual for your CBR1000RR. Unfortunately, we do not produce a Manual for this particular model as we have not covered the year and have no plans to do so within the next 12-18 monthsHowever, all customer requests are recorded and used in the decision making process of future Manual publications/updatesYou could try contacting your local dealer to see if he can be of assistance or looking on the internet at any owners forums
I am sorry for any inconvenience
Kind regards
Elaine Sparkes
Customer Services Co-ordinator
Direct line: 01963 442063
Fax: 01963 440001
[email protected]
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