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Headlight compatibility

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HI all, I am new to the site, I was looking for some advice, I have a 2002 954 Fireblade UK spec and have shipped it over to Spain, does any of you know if the current headlight is compatible for European roads or will I need to change it.


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You say its UK spec but if someone changed the light for Euro right-hand driving then for the UK you will need to change it back to LH driving. Its possible that no one ever changed it - we never bother with adaptors when we go to France/Spain for a couple of weeks each year.... You can check the part numbers - look up online (Fowlers website for example) and see if you already have the UK one fitted and if so you've nothing to worry about...........
It is definitely a UK bike, I bought it in Thunder-road in Bridgend, I took the bike to spain, but some headlights shine to the left or right depending on the country of course, others neutral, I was just wondering if anyone knew if this model needed changing as I plan to put it on Spanish plates.
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