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I had a low speed crash on a icy road, back end spun up and threw me off in November 2013 and the crash bung dug into the road.
Anyway, after putting the bike back together and then having some work done I got a tiny hole in the back of my radiator.
I put some K-Seal into the radiator to seal this hole but haven't been happy since with the temperatures and how the bike feels.
I have seen a post on a forum that the electrics could have been affected bike the crash and I am also not sure what to do about my radiator.
I see aftermarket radiators on EBay but I have heard that the welds are not great and they don't fit very well.
I have like a lot of us had charging problems and this worries me as I am now wondering if my electrical/charging problems are partly down to my crash.

Any thoughts please guys?
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