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I have a few things I would like to get rid of around the house here are the links so you can see the pics. All of it is OBO Thanks, Matt.
I am asking $400 for the camera
$140 for the chopper and
$190 for the computer

HP Pavilion W/ windows XP
SeaLife U/W camera w/strobes
Falcon 40 RC Helicopter

Here is the computer details
Not one problem out of this system. My wife and I just bought a new dell and do not need two laptops and two desktops so this is the first to go. I will hook it up to my tv so you can see it all works great. it does not come with a monitor because I was using my hdty for a monitor. The memory is maxed out and has a really good video card that was upgraded. it also comes with a new netgear wireless router, wireless keyboard, and a wireless mouse. Here are some specs Duel processors at 2.8 ghz 4gb memory with a 300gb hard drive at 7200rpm, Dvd/Cd burner with lightscribe, TV tuner card to watch tv and listen to the radio, Dolby pro logic II sound, 8 usb ports, personal media drive, camera dock, and window vista capable. It really is a great computer so if you have any questions just email me

The sealife camera
This camera has served me well and has taken some of the finest pictures I have but its time to move on. The camera is a sealife and comes with just about every accessory the make.

It comes with two digital strobes
Two flash diffussers
Macro lense
Wide angle lense
Two extra batteries
The underwater case
The camera (looks like a regular camera can use on land as well)
Usb docking and recharging station
Extra sd cards, all manuals, photo editor, 10 moisture munchers, all power adapters for many countries, and a bomb proof case made by Pelican. Its shock proof waterproof and floats. My camera works flawlessly never had one problem. I would be happy to send you pics I have taken with this camera and I will even set it up and show you it works in person. It also comes with extra o-rings and cleaning kit. I am sure I am forgetting something so feel free to ask. Asking $400 obo

And the rc helicopter
As much as I don't want to I am selling my 300 size helicopter because I can't fly to thing. It has many upgrades and accessories. It comes with the flight simulator, 5 sets of main rotor blades 3 sets of tail rotors, the whole Super Skids setup with carbon fiber two canopies, Two controllers, extra skids, original box and papers, and I have cnc machined complete head upgrade included. It also come with the quick charger kit and new batteries for the controller. Feel free to ask any questions, Matt
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