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G'day & :welcome: .

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Hi Guys

Thanks for the friendly welcome.

Requested pics attached (I hope!)

Double Bubble Screen
Fender Eliminator/Tail Tidy
Rear Wheel Hugger
Integrated Tail Light
Clear Flush Mount Indicators front
Gold/Bronze Wheels
High Mount Slip-ons (Stealth - Local) - LOUD!
BMC Filters
Dobeck Performance -Techclusion TFi
15/40 Sprockets (Will probably go to a 41 rear soon, I'm 4500' above sea level.
Sargent Seat - Fitted after pictures were taken
Pazzo Shorty Levers - Fitted after pictures were taken.
Driven Grips - I like the old school serious look of them.

Might not be the latest and greatest fad - but I LOVE the sound of thunder.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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