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New member. Been riding for 23 years; had my RR6 since November 2008; found this site because of the great thread on taking out alternators (stators to you across the water).

I live in London (proper London with red buses and a London postcode; not in Surrey / Herts / Essex / Kent / Middlesex pretending to be London). I'm divorced so I also own a house in Surrey but don't live in it, but my triplet sons do. I'll try and atttach files below (if they appear, that's not their mum, it's my girlfriend - and before you ask their mum went off with someone, not me) so you can see them.

I also belong to a car forum in the UK (The Motor Forum :: Index) and must admit cars were my first love (I currently have 3) but bikes are like mistresses: you can do all the fun stuff and there's no need for the family to come along......

I raced a 250 2-stroke in 1992/3 and would dearly love another smoker: I've had 2 NSR250s and still wish I'd never got rid of the last one, although at 6'2" and 100kgs (220lbs) I must've looked ridiculous on it. Currently T1 doesn't want a bike and wants to go kart racing this summer. One day he too will realise.....


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