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Are you trying to buy parts for it (via a VIN-specific parts vendor) or are you checking to see if it was stolen or is there some other reason ?

For thefts (prior to purchasing a used bike), we here in the States can check with our local law enforcement agency for assistance or even use a free check (at a site like the NICB - VINCheck® Lookup | National Insurance Crime Bureau ).

Also, if you use a site like "carfax," your VIN (at least here in the United States) shows one of three results; either a 2002 cbr900 (fireblade), an interceptor (VFR800) or a ST1100.

Could you post an actual picture of your VIN sticker from the bike or the stamped VIN on the steering neck ? I'm sure all of the numbers/letters you posted are all correct, but maybe you accidentally got one of them wrong when copying/writing them down ?

Do you know if your bike was imported to your country or was it originally sold there (for that specific market) ? There's a possibility that the website you are using (VINdecoderz) is interpreting some of the data/results based off of the serial number/sequence number (the last several numbers) of the VIN and not giving you a fully accurate result.

It's quite possible that the "serial number" portion of the VIN was used more than once during Honda's production, depending on where (what market) the bike was sold (ie - North American / European / Asian).

If you contact Honda customer service with your VIN via phone and ask them, they might be able to provide more assistance - best of luck !
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