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Help me with Bank Angle Sensor

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So it's stopped raining and being 40 degrees outside so I've taken some time to go through the electricals step by step to try and figure out what is wrong with my bike.
This is a continuation of this thread here: Stranded! bike died. help please.

Summed up, my bike shut off out of the blue while idling and after that when I switched key to ON, the pump would not prime.
So, I found a thread on this forum where someone copy/pasted the service manual's instructions for diagnosing this problem.

The fuel pump works when I jump power to it. Both the fuel cutoff relay and the engine stop relay work when tested. So, according to the service manual, the bank angle sensor is the only piece left to the puzzle. If the bank angle sensor isn't it, the manual has you start testing the ECU wires...

Now, I don't know where the bank angle sensor is, but I found what MUST be it right next to the engine stop relay and the ECM - it is a black box with a flat top and the word "UP" on it with an arrow pointing up and the three wires (green, red, white) going into it.

What's confused me is that I've found threads on the forum from bladeracer and others stating that the bank angle sensor is behind the headlight...??? So that confuses me as this box is under the tank not by the headlight.. could someone clarify this all for me?

Anyways, assuming I've got the bank angle sensor located, the service manual excerpt instructs to simply ensure it is plugged in and vertical and turn key ON - if the relays click, it's doing it's job... well I do this and the relays don't click. Obviously not right. But, this seems a rather unthourough test of if the sensor actually works - mean, if the ground to the sensor is loose, it won't work, and replacing the sensor wouldn't fix that... so, anyways my question is, is there ANY way to bypass it to see if the bike would start if it WAS doing it's job, or any way to actually test the sensor itself for proper operation??

The sensor is ~$90 and a special order item so if I buy it I can't return it if I plug it in and it doesn't solve the problem, so I'd like to be sure it is the issue. But I guess really I need to know if I'm even looking at the right sensor since some are saying it's behind the headlight....

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Did you ever fix this? Seems I have a similar issue - but my F1 20amp fuse in blowing every time I flick the kill switch to the on position
Yep. 20amps is lots of current. 2004 cbr. Bypassed angle sensor, so no issue there. Checked kill switch again, all good. Possibly ecu?
Yep, looked at those. Just disconnected ecu, relay switched, no blown fuse, reconnected ecu, popped the fuse. Fuel primer didn't turn with ecu disconnected however.
Nope. Not even sure the 04 gives codes to be honest
Yep. Plus, seems to be working, since when swapping relays then switching to on, the fuse didn't blow. I realised the angle sensor was on its side. Put it in the right position, then pop went the fuse. Just read another thread. If the ecu is causing this, I probably wouldn't get anything on my Dash screen.
Would be good to borrow an ecu, but I'm a brit in the west of Hungary, middle of nowhere really. So, having an actual friend here with the same bike would be great, but it's possible there isn't another one in the county :D
I'll need to check which is the fuel cut off relay. Have traced most of it through so far. Tugged on wires at connectors just to make sure nothing has come uncrimped and broken off. Headlights, pilot light, rear lights, dash lights work as normal. Once pressing kill switch, slight blink of all power then pop. Highly bizarre because I'd been for a nice 50km ride then just on my way home this happened. I actually lost the left belly fairing to my surprise when the bike stopped. Guess bolts worked loose, weird how I didn't notice though. I though that may have caught a wire on the way off, but only the side stand switch could have been effected and that's fine. HISS is present, yes. Thanks.
All seems good. Do you happen to have a link to this pages so I can check the relays? Thanks
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