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Help with suspension adjustments

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Well I've got the bike together and been riding it every time it stops raining around here. got almost 500 miles on it now (350 in the last few days) and want to make it more suited to my riding habits/style.

I realize its a street bike and therefore isn't the most comfy riding bike but I think I'm too heavy for the way the dealer set it up. I'm not a racer, so how well it leans isn't as important to me as how long I can ride it for before my back gives out. I use the bike more like a cruiser than what it was really meant for. :smilebig:

I have a friend (about 265 lbs. Big guy) with an 07 R1 and his bike feels like it handles the various bumps and grooves in the road much better than my bike with the way his bike was set up for him.

I weigh about 225 lbs (102 kilos-ish I think for you people across the sea) and about 6'3'' if that helps any. I searched but couldn't find much. Any advice or any good threads with pointers?

Thanks guys.
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Going by Race Techs calculator it seems as if stock is the best for me?

Spring Rate Calculation
Do you still think I should change them, even though Race tech says otherwise? Anybody else?
Are you talking about for racing purposes or even just for riding around on the street?
Go to a trackday and spend the $30-40 to have a pro work with you on suspension all day. That's the best way to get it set up right.

Do you think I should do this even though I don't really plan to ride it on a track or even very aggressively on the street?

I changed it a bit the other day. turned the pre load up a bit stiffer and backed out the rebound a tiny bit. seemed to help. Ill mess with it some more when I have time. Can't ride too often in the winter months around here.

I don't think they will be doing track days anywhere around here for a few months when the weather gets a little nicer.
will do. I think I might go for a ride today and mess with it some more but we'll see. High of 31 degrees today they are sayin. It's hard to convince myself to ride very long in this cold, even if the sun is shining and there is no clouds.
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