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Ok guys so I have a 2002 954rr. I got it sorta recently. It had a little issue I more or less learned to live with while I worked on fixing up everything else. Then I decide to tackle it with interesting results. The bike has a full system arrow exhaust, no power commander, no servo cables hooked up, regular air filter. Pair/flapper mods. -1 Front sprocket. The yoosh. Previous owner has a receipt from maybe a year ago getting the fuel pump/filter replaced. Spark plugs were replaced 6 months ago. Went from k&n back to stock filter 3 months ago.

The issue is after heating up. Once getting up to temp, 30 min into riding, it would do this weird thing where it would have a momentary silence as the engine idled. It was super short. It never seemed to sputter or die, it just did that and it just did. If you had your visor closed you wouldn't catch it (even with loud exhaust). However, it did have a little bog at low rpms taking off in 1st gear once warmed up. It also has two other oddities ~ ~ ~ the fast idle seems to do nothing. It starts in the same rpm range it will be at once warming up. I thought this was a summer in az thing but its still doing the same thing. The other thing is when I changed the coolant, once it gets around 180f when I was refilling the coolant and blipping the throttle, it would shoot water out like a volcano. Previous bikes I had water would just sort of rise and pour out... this shot out like crazy. It has never smoked, I have never found anything in the oil (2 changes, no milky no shards) and like I said it was only when "up to temp" and not from the get-go. So I ruled out a headgasket issue. Filled it up, got through the summer without overheating just fine.Temps were good. Daily commuting.

It did have a drippy fuel pressure regulator, changed that out. So we have multiple things happening now... when warming up... a hesitation at idle, volcanic pressure from radiator, and nothing changing in rpm at idle.

Well I decided to swap out the ignition coils. I did 1 of 2 of the tests on my stock coils, only 1 was slightly different than the others. I figured why not, swap em anyway. Results are.............. interesting. To me, it feels like the bike is pulling way nicer, way more even and with more power, once I begin launching in 2nd gear. Feels really good. However, now at idle its not just a rare hesitation. Its sputtering, the needle is jumping like crazy, and when youre going real slow its jerking and the whole thing. Really really bad. Now once I get the rpms moving in 2nd gear and im starting to move it still pulls amazing.

Tomorrow I am going to check and see if the pressure regulator is bad already. Curious what you think might be causing this. Now, the coils, they are the cheap caltric aftermarkets, not oem. But its interesting that the bike runs even better where it always has been good, and runs even worse where it always had the issue. Is it burning more fuel quicker and so starving for fuel even more than before? Whats up with the no fast idle and the coolant volcano? The adjustment screw for idle works just fine btw.


PS I have been waiting for weather to get cooler to 1) valve check and 2) throttle body sync. I have everything I need. Cooler weather is upon us. So those things are coming down the pike, but I feel like this is actually something unrelated to those things, unless you think otherwise.
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