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hi all! please help? light blinking on 929!

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i just bought a 2001 929 and got it home the red light blinks twice, pause twice pause, twice pause. and so on over and over. when the engine is running. i hope i have not made a mistake on this purchace. i just came off a cbr 1100xx that was pristine. not a prob at all with her i truely hope that this one will be as good seeing that i believe in honda but im scared please help me so i dont relapse!
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2 blinks is a map sensor error. Check to see if it had solid connections, otherwise replace. It is located below the airbox, on the right side.
:plus1: map sensor or vacuum hose, make sure its not split, or come can only test the map sensor with a honda diagnostic test pin box.:thumb: not a biggey anyway...
hi guys thanks a bunch i feel much better!
:welcome: Hope you get your problem sorted soon :thumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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