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Bike is currently stored in a garage locked down due to Covid19. So no access, figured I'd post a couple before pics. I think we like pics here, yes?

Here's mine.





Factory Pro:
titanium jet kit
ignition rotor +4
EVO shift star kit

K&N air filter

Samco coolant hose kit

Water Wetter coolant

D&D full system exhaust

LADYBIRD JAPAN aluminum exhaust stay

RK 520 gold chain + JT steel sprockets

steel braided brake lines

Antigravity lithium ion battery

Pazzo frost white levers

HRC rear brake reservoir delete kit

Pro-Tek rearsets

Corbin seats

Polished frame + swing arm


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If they had a love button, I would have clicked that! Very FINE example. I'm probably your only friend here with the love for a polished frame. I did my black 93 back in the day, and have a current red 93 that a PO polished, but that I've kept up through the years. Your's is SUPER clean and I love it. Welcome to the .org.

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Yep, I second the 'love' button. Brilliant looking machine. Has certainly put me off posting any more pics of mine. :(

With apologies for UK naïvety, is that a standard USA colour scheme? I note from comparison with Ian's it is the same graphic design.

Oh, and I am also a lover of polished frames, but also a lover of OEM for my bikes. If I were to do a project, I'd defo go the polishing. The thought of an Erion with polished frame/swing arm is appealing though!!:unsure:

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Ian - I've read thru your bike build threads. Love your attention to details. Great bikes and info.

Nigel - Very nice collection of bikes. More pics plz, not less. :)
For '93 (actually '92 - I'm original owner bought in June '92) RWB was offered for the 1st half of the production year. RBS was the offer for 2nd half.

Wish now I had kept mine unpolished and able to put back to OEM as OEM '93 RWB's are appreciating and starting to sell for good $. Never gave that a thought at the time.
That being said, I love the look of the polished frame over stock. I just probably wouldn't do it again on a new bike.
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