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HI how is everyone i am new

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i am new to motorcycling as far as trying to get into real knowlege.. i have decided to build my own motorcycle instead of buying one so that hopfully i will actually know what i am talking about by the time i have one that i want the most ragged, run down beat down motorcycles i can find for this experience.. i am hoping to find some ppl to donate for the cause... the more messed up the bike the better... i want this to be a challenge that i can honestly say i earned my bike.. and i can take real pride in my ride... anyway i will leave things at that..
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Sorry got no bits here... But good luck and show us some pics of the progress!!!
:welcome::thumb: Good luck with your build:D
Thank you guys so much for your reply's. so far i have 2 coils and and set of spark plugs for the bike but i am still on the look out for metal to trade weight for the parts i need... i found a great instument panel for a bike in a junk yard that was still practically brand new but some poor SOB lost it in what looks like a really bad accident. I need about 200 lbs of metal to get the frame i want and it luckily isn't twisted too bad.. there is a great bike in carney oklahoma i hope to get parts off of too. i just have to come up with enought metal for the gas and the parts.... love you guys and again thanks for all the welcomes...
Keep us informed as to your progress, its like a breath of fresh air :thumb:
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