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Hello.. First of all sorry, I know there where some threads about this topic, but I didnt find something useful actually..
So I have a Hurricane streetfighter, with stock engine..Few months ago a car hit me in the traffic (hit and run -.-) . Only damage on the engine is that left impulse pickup cover is broken.. So I decided to do a "Project" on the bike to fresh it up..
So I teared apart the engine, and all si pretty much good.. But now here is the problem, a few valve rocker arms are done.. The "sliding plate" is slightly grinded and I think they are no good anymore.. The problem is I cant find any here locally except from one guy who is selling them for toooooo much..
Oem,s are 53bucks a piece + shipping to Croatia :S.. 53x16 + shipping :S.. Brutal.. Also a few threads (including the one for oil screw) are rounded on that engine..

So i found myself a good Cbr 600 F2 engine , with carbs, wiring harness,air filter box, CDI, coils etc.. Complete engine.. The price is the same as buyng used rocker arms and gasket set for mine pc19 engine..

So I know the F2 engine wont fit in hurricane, but what are the differences ? Did anybody tried this swap? I would like to do it and welding is not a big problem to me.. But I dont know what engine monts are different, and how hard would this swap be..Are the differences slight or the engines are completely different?
Thanx for the answers!
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