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hey Guys, i was wondering if anyone had some advice for me,
I have a straight pipe(no end can) and standard filter(took out the snorkels from air box) i have been doing a lot of research on adjusting the jets and needles. If anyone as had a issue like mine please can you point me in the right direction.

Bike runs great but when i gear down and open the throttle it is bogged down for a second and then the power comes through again. this bothers me cause as i enter a corner there in no power for a second as i open throttle and then all of a sudden allot of power.
I have cleaned my fuel system and needles and jets are squeaky clean.
My question is, what must i adjust and by how much? I did add 1 washer and then 2 washers to my needle but this didn't really help much i am back to the standard washer the needle originally had .
I dont have the money to get a jet kit but if i really need to i will, hopefully someone can advise.
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