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Honda CBR600 F2 1992

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Bike has been set up for awhile. Rebuilt carberator and put a new jet ket in. Hard to get started. Once it is started it runs well just hard to get it started. Takes about 15 cranks if not more to get it started. Any ideas? All advice is appreciated. :confused:
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check your fuel, or even change it, the new ethanol based fuel is eating fuel lines, try and find a non-ethanol fuel station...
i would try draining the tank and use fresh gas...even change the could foul out a plug by burning old gas
i have a cbr 600 f2 as well and i rebuilt the carbs and put all new gas lines on it cleaned the tank and everything and mines the same way......but once i run it for a while and its nice and warm it pops off like nothing
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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