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Well the other thread was closed, but this information is useful, so here goes another.

I emailed Honda asking for permission to scan and share owners manuals. Permission was denied, but they provided a great link, that will be useful to a few folks.


Here is a copy of the reply:

" Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, due to Copyright restrictions we are unable to authorize you to provide Owner Manuals on a forum page.

However, we now have a number of motorcycle manuals available on our Website for everyone to view, free of charge.

Please feel free to provide the below link to your friends on the forum:

Honda MPE - Buying a Honda - Owners Manuals

We trust this clarifies.

Kind Regards,

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Re: owners manuals

Excellent link! We can definitely leave it up for others to use. The link lists lots of Honda Owners Manuals in .pdf format for downloading.
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