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Ok, been to the NEC bike show today, shame Honda wasn't there too.

Chatting to the guy on the Gold Wing Owners club was telling us about UK dealers reducing in numbers, like from 200+ down to about 90 "total in UK"

Going to see the Honda bikes wasn't the only reason to go but it was a shame there where not there.

So what is going on ?

Are we starting to see the end of Honda or are the focusing more over the Pond ?

An Ex Honda dealer told me today to buy Yamaha......
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Honda announced quite a while ago that they were not going to the NEC, recession-driven cost saving I believe.

As for the dealerships, I've ot heard this before, but then again I don't use a dealer so I doubt it'll affect me too much. One of the advantages of old bikes!
I missed the announcement i guess.

"recession-driven cost saving I believe." other manufactures where there, and i think i'm right in saying that on the pre-opening day Honda where there "not on site as there where showing the press there new bike's" pulling people away from the NEC.

It was a Ex-Honda dealer that told me about the closing of dealerships. I wanted to look at the new bike maybe not to buy now but maybe soon !!

Its just a mega shame that they couldn't make it, ok if its a cost saving issue "fine" but as the bike show is really the only show it seams madness not to be there. If all these dealers close how far will people have to travel to get a service done at a dealership ?50 miles 100 miles.

Is this going to help all those people with new blades having oil to fuel ratio issues, getting them fix ?
The beginning of last year they pulled out of the F1 too...

Seems like everyones being hit :(
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