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Hornet 900RR concept?

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I happened across this today is it for real? Like did someone actually fab this or is it photoshop.***************/photos/prototype-spy-concept/Honda-Hornet-RR.jpg***************/photos/prototype-spy-concept/Honda-2005-Hornet-RR-Concept.htm

I have seen the fairing they used here on the hornet/919 sites out there but i wonder if a cbr swing arm will work with the 919 frame? the tail section wouldn't be to much of a challenge i wouldnt think chop the tail stock frame and fab up a sub frame from a 100rr. new exhaust custom seat. Im just juicing here:drool: maybe if i find a totalled 919 one day in the future......
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I dont know what the deal is there must be some sort of forum rule that link was breaking just uploaded it to my photobucket
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i hate the 919 pegs....they remind me too much of the 900f pegs. front and rear on one piece....grrrr
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