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I decided i wanted spools on my 93 blade for safety reasons.

I searched and searched and came across an interesting thread over at the cbrforums about adding them to an F4I without the need of tapping or welding into your swing arm. So i set out today to do just that on my Blade and below is the end result.

Items needed:

7/16 threaded rod - Can be found anywhere(Ace Hardware/Home Depot).
2. 7/16 self locking nuts with washers or nuts with lock washers.
Set of swing arm spools, I prefered to use the larger ones.

Tools needed:
2x16MM socket and rachets
7/16 drill bit
Dremel with cutting blades or you could use a hacksaw

The Blade has a hollow bolt for the wheel so this is where we will be pushing our rod through.

On my 93 i measured the width of the swing arm and determined i needed to cut the threaded rod to 17".

Upon cutting the rod to 17 i did a test fit. The rod fit 95% of the way through. The right side of the hollowed bolt seem to be smaller in size.

What i did to fix this is the threaded rod seemed to have very sharp threads. So i deburred the threads with alil sandpaper and still testing the nuts to make sure all was well.

The swing arm spools i bought had an aluminum insert inside the spool itself that i could remove. I needed to drill that insert out to 7/16 to fit the rod through the insert.SPEEDMETAL Parts & Accessories - Swingarm Slider Spools - Cycle Gear 10MM ones.

Also the Polycarbonate spool(or whatever its made of) inside diameter was too small for a 16MM socket to fit through so i used a dremel to make the hole bigger on both spools.

This How to can be modified for any bike that has a hollow bolt for the rear tire.

You can either keep them or you can remove them when u need to. Of coarse this is useless if you wanna remove the rear tire. Which is why my stand has pads as well.

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Of coarse this is useless if you wanna remove the rear tire. Which is why my stand has pads as well.
I was wondering what it is useful for? Chain and wheel cleaning I guess, but those are equally as easy and secure on a cup type stand.
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