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Retrofit HIDs, Angel eyes, Demon eyes, or all three (like me) for any bike, car, boat, whatever really.
I did it right, fuses, ample gauge wiring, 30 amp switches, connectors, baxter relays, Metal projectors with glass crystal lens, and best of all... FOR UNDER $200! so follow the pictures... and take from it what you want. There are smaller projectors (same brand) for new CBRs to retrofit them in just like me. Feel free to ask questions, give comments, and point out suggestions here.
This is NOT a kit and it's made from parts easily bought on Ebay and Radio Shack for under $200... All details are in the pics...
See below for more details.
Good Luck!
-Matt (Stillwater, MN)

Hello sir.
Thinking about doing this over the winter. Unfortunately all the pics say no longer available. Any chance you could send me the process? I hate to even ask but i have found the people on this forum know their stuff
21 - 23 of 23 Posts