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I recently wired in a Eurospec headlight switch into my '98 900RR. Why you ask? Because I live in Italy and it is nice to be able to turn the headlights off, but more importantly, now I have a flash to pass button. This option gets a lot of use, because lets face it, driving over here is a contact sport.
Anyways, if anyone else wants this mod, all you need is a donor switchpod from a Euro fireblade, a phillips scredriver, a jewlers flathead screwdriver, wire cutters/stripper, and if you are obsessive compulsive like me, a soldering gun, solder and heat shrink.
You will need to take the wiring out of the connectors, you use the jewlers screwdriver for that.
To wire the switch in, (I swapped all the other stuff over, like the turn signal, horn and clutch switch circuits), you need to splice the following together...

Euro Switch US Wiring

blk/brn blk/brn
blu blu
blk/red (both) blu/wht
wht wht
brn blk/brn on the turn signal switch

This configuration will allow you to switch off the headlights and running lights in the front turn signals. To be able to control the rear running light, instrument lights, and front marker light, you will need to run an extra wire from the brn wire on the switch down to the main harness and splice in there. Be careful where you splice in at, because the circuit that controls all of that stuff also controls the power to the instrument cluster. IIRC it is a blk/brn wire that comes out of the fuse box.
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