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Took a 6 ton press and a torch lol... but the bearings came out good enough to be re-used... saving me $50. Now to get the swing arm powder coated

The key is to slghtly heat the housing and not the bearings (as best you can). Remove the black ring dust caps with a screw driver first;) If you heat everything up, everything swells and that doesn't help ya get them out. so use just the cooler yellow flame at the end of the torch not the deep blue inner flame that is ubber hot... just heat for maybe 30 seconds just lightly waving the housing until it's warm to touch with leather arc welding gloves on.... run to the press.. use a socket to distribute the force and it'll slide out faster than a democrat in a spending cut committee.

Make sure to remove the C-clip (holding in the roller bearings) before pushing out the left side needle bearings (always leave the metal inner collar in when pushing them out.)

To get the bearings back in... freeze the bearings in the freezer the day before and then slightly warm the housing up (in the same manner... it won't melt the PC)... the cold bearngs will slide in so well you'll probably have to brace them in so they don't fall out the other end:)
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