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how would the movistar fairing kit look with a white petrol tank ?

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could people tell me their views on the fairing kits which are available

i rather liked the design of the movistar kit

do you think it would look good with my white petrol tank, or would it look stupid, or how could i blend it in ?

heres the pic of me bike, im wanting to change the fairings due to them being a bad fit, and out of shape and cracking and the fact my front end got smashed up

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Personally I'd have the tank sprayed to match..
well i do the like the all white tbh. buts its down to the money

and for a new front fairing is £115 and is sprayed white without exctra charge and i also need one middle fairing which is £47.50 these are available from skidmarx

but do you see my point in buying a whole new fairing kit of ebay for like £295 so for an xtra £130 i get new panels all round, and will be looking more like original and have more character?

do you think the west kit would look any better ?
Hmm. Well I see where your coming from, it would surely be cost effective buying a complete set (although you'll need your tank sprayed which ever way you look at it) ALTHOUGH not everyone has had good reviews about the kits they get from eBay and such like.

Do a few searches on this site to see how good/bad they are.
Movistar kit would look better than the West kit, and def get your tank sprayed the same colour, keep us posted on your decision and pics when you get the kit fitted. Good luck:thumb::D
im almost thinking leave the front nose off and leave it be until i have a little bit more money, just awaiting one headlight, and just fitted the indicators on brackets so its still legal.

i shall just wait for a cheap fairing to appear on ebay and get it sprayed white at work, if not it shall be a new one for £115 unless it gets the better of me then it will be a whole new kit
Keep your eyes peeled on eBay, a few people decide to race theirs so they get track kits and sell off the OEM panels.

You could turn her into a street fighter for now, then convert her back once you have all of the panels.
How much would I be looking at roughly to get the tank sprayed up??
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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