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Hows the weather around Deals gap in the spring?

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I would like to take a trip to Deals gap, the "Dragon" and cherahala area this year on the 1000rr. problem is I might be moving out west for a job but I don't know how soon. It could be next week or 8 months from now. When does the weather in that area become nice enough for riding. I know weather is unpredictable but when is the soonest that I have a good chance of good weather for a few days of riding around the Tail of the Dragon?
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The Cherohala is at a few thousand feet more than the Dragon and can be 10 degrees cooling on a typical day. So if you look at Tellico Plains in April the highs are 60's but the lows 40's and that is at the base of the Cherohala. So you would be on the edge of freezing on an average day up top. Unlikely you will get clean runs.
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