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Here I will log my experience buying carbon fiber covers from a lad in Russia who makes carbon fiber parts and covers for the 954 and 929. He goes by "Humperdoo" on ebay.

Due to the political issues today and ebay/paypal being *** asses you currently cannot purchase his items using these services, though I know of nowhere else he advertises. If you're in the USA like I am, you have to message him directly on ebay and use a service called payoneer for payment. Sounds sketch, I know. Not his fault, though. I hope he eventually makes his own site.

Note that payoneer does not have the same protections for buyers as paypal does. I decided to take the plunge, anyway. So far, so good.

After a long while of communication I decided to bite. Some weeks later the products were finished, and a couple days later they shipped. He sent me photos of the product boxed up and the shipping label, along with installation tips. Solid.

I have told him he should make a vendor or classifieds thread here, but he says his English is terrible and he uses a translator on the computer to communicate with customers. I think it works out generally fine and good but I thought I would make this thread because these kinds of items are rare for this bike, and I'm sure there are people who would love to buy if they were around.

I am moving across country in a couple weeks, so I am having them shipped to a location near where I'm going. In all likelihood I will not receive it for over a month due to transport being crippled because of stuff going on right now. No planes, just boats coming from Russia. Is what it is.

If they show up and are gorgeous, you will know. If they show up broken, you will know. If all he shipped was packing peanuts and used rubbers, again, you will know.

Here are some sample pics of his work, and my box. I have ordered the frame and swingarm covers for the 954 and plan on air ducts/tank cover down the road. Maybe just the air ducts. We'll see.

Shoe Product Grey Personal protective equipment Glove

Guitar accessory Finger Bicycle part Nail String instrument accessory

Grille Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Synthetic rubber

Ingredient Food Sleeve Cuisine Grey

Hood Grey Sleeve Automotive design Sportswear

Shipping box Wood Packaging and labeling Office equipment Carton

Thread will be updated with a review when I get them.
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