Items For Trade:

The RC car has a spectrum motor a smart technology spectrum 5,000 milliamps battery two of them a smart charger another charger the car has an aluminum bottom a light rail comes with multiple extra gears metal can use extra air arms home comes with oil for the shocks racing oil or racing lube I need my CVR 600RR 2003 running back on the road again it was running 2 weeks ago I went to take off in the lights wouldn't come on and I couldn't figure it out so I turned it off and waited till the next morning when I went out turn the key over and the lights work but the bike would not fire I couldn't hear the fuel pump prime the zener diode is good it has a power commander 3 that's installed in it if anybody can get it running and back on the road for me I will give him the RC car it's approximately around 1500 to 1,800 with all the accessories if anybody can help me I would appreciate it I also have a 12 gauge that I would give up instead of the RC car I would let the person choose any help will be appreciated right now I'm stuck in the country around Paso Robles which is three and a half miles out of town