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I have a small race car. I have an 07 1000rr in it. I just built it. I've done this before with an R1 with no problems. It has fuel, the injectors are working. I bypassed the run switch. I bypassed the kick stand switch. I bypassed the clutch switch. I bypassed the tip sensor. It turns over and the injectors spray. I have battery voltage going INTO the coils. I have a little less than battery voltage coming OUT of the coils when cranking. (of course I just stick a miulti meter into the coil itself) If you do a plug check while cranking, you see no spark jump. The coil minimum in the manual says 100V. I can't check that without a special tool. I shouldn't need to? This engine ran with very low miles before I bought it. I Have less than initial Voltage while cranking & can't figure out why. Known good pulse coils & a new cam sensor. Known good crank position sensor. Known or supposed good ECU.

I do not have the EGCV exhaust servo on the machine at all, but the manual says that it will not create a no start condition. I get an engine code for that.

I also get an engine code for VS sensor and the manual says it too, will not create a no start condition.

I do not want to start tearing apart this engine or buying components all over again. Is there something I'm overlooking? This machine doesn't have any additional wires for security, at least that I can see. I'm using a 2004 diagram & manual- It's all I could find for the 07. Shouldn't matter...??

I need help and knew this was the best place to come for it.

You can post or just give me a buzz @4404658553-Paul

I will be eternally grateful for your time and would certainly return the favor.
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