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Hi Everybody, in short the program for those who often sets up the
suspension on his motorbike.
Download it! Reviews, critics and suggestions are welcome

Randomly setting up the suspension or not setting it at all?
Forgot what and where to turn?
Too lazy to keep a history of changes of relevant parameters from
session to session?
Every time lose the paper with the records?

It's time to download & install our wonderful program for your iPhone
- iMotoSuspension.

Which eliminates the need to keep records in a totally unsuitable for
this applications and especially on pieces of paper.
You will be able to immediately, after the track session, enter
settings into the program, compare with the previous ones and decide
which is better.
For ease of comparison and a more complete analysis you can print a
summary table of your settings in the nearby AirPrint wireless printer
in your pit box.
And you always can share your most favorite bike setup with your
friends on Twitter

Only $0.99 on AppStore

Available for Free on:
31 december 2011 - 1 january 2012


1 - 2 of 2 Posts