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Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has suggesstions on after market parts that I can add to my 2001 CBR 929 to increase the overall performance. Things like your recommended brand of pipe, filters, etc.



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full hindle with the flapper mod and the map booth23 had. Couple that with a 15t front sprocket and its another WHOLE bike!

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Welcome to the board- Your question is broad... and very subjective. Ask yourself what you want out of the bike as an improvment. If its handling new wheels, and suspension. More snap, and throttle control, PCIII fuel management, and exhaust. The great thing here are all the options... utilize the search on the site and the internet is a huge resource...good luck
ride safe brotha

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Thanks for the sugesstions guys. I will definetely do some searching and see what I can find. Although for right now I won't be adding anything, as i've just broke the bank buying this thing!

I do like the idea of Track School though. I wonder if there are any up in Alberta, Canada..

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I realize that you are asking about horsepower type mods, but what about suspension and brakes? I just had Dan Kyle rework my front forks, installed an Ohlins rear shock, and added a Scotts steering damper. I also installed S.S. brake lines and CRG levers. Wow! What a difference. It is like a whole new bike. Much better. Now that the handling and stopping performance has been improved, I might consider adding more power (my skill level has not even come close to needing extra power, but it would be good for bragging rights). I think that throwing extra power at a stock chassis would upset the balance, and might get you into trouble.

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mbuckley said:
Thanks for the sugesstions guys. I will definetely do some searching and see what I can find. Although for right now I won't be adding anything, as i've just broke the bank buying this thing!

I do like the idea of Track School though. I wonder if there are any up in Alberta, Canada..

Steen Hansen's Motorcycle Track Days




Date: April 20, 2004

Be sure to pre-register for our track days as our events are booking up quickly. Tickets at the gate will be available on a first come first served basis. Tickets can be bought by calling the event hotline at 780-433-6275.


1) Spokane Raceway Park May 1st & 2nd

2) Race Schools

3) Schedule

4) Season Kick Off Party

5) New Noise Limits Stratotech

6) Sponsors

7) Address Change

8) How Can I Get Involved?

9) Wheelie Schools / Stunt Comp on Hold

1) Spokane Track Day May 1st and 2nd

Everyone is welcome to attend the May 1st and 2nd Steen Hansen's Motorcycle Track Day in Spokane WA at the super smooth and challenging high speed Spokane Raceway Park. ( ) Currently we have two groups planned (street group and racer group) so riders are bound to get tons of track time.

Accommodations: We have made arrangements with the Microtell Hotel for a special Track Day room rate of $55.00 USD (aprox $75.00 CDN) per night for a double room. Call 1-888-819-0131 to book your rooms.

Medical Insurance: Purchasing medical insurance is a very good idea anytime you travel in the US. Most insurance brokers offer this service at a reasonable rate from the same broker that provides your automobile insurance.

Transportation: Many track day participants travel from all over, an excellent way to save money is to travel as a group and split the cost of transportation. If you have extra space or need a ride to the track please email us at [email protected] so we can get you in touch of someone in your area. Arrangements are being made to meet in Calgary at Walt Healy Motorsports, Turple Bros in Red Deer on Thursday from 6-8 pm prior to the Spokane Trip.

For more information check us out online at Be sure to pre-register to ensure your spot. Call us at the event hotline at 780-433-6275 or email us at [email protected]

2) NEW Race Schools:

At every Steen Hansen's Motorcycle Track Days at Stratotech Park first time track day riders are registered for an all inclusive $100.00 performance riding school . This program offers an introduction to track riding and is geared towards developing riding skills without the threat of common road distractions such as gravel, yellow lines, cops, cars........ Since our first track day in June of 2002 over 200 riders have successfully passed our performance riding school. Many of our current riders are looking to take their riding skills to the next level so we have booked two dates for "THE ROCK"S EXTREME MOTORCYCLE RACE SCHOOL.

These two day RACE SCHOOLS will be offered by Steen Hansen's Motorcycle Track Days hosted by Rod Larocque former EMRA 600cc pro champion with the purpose of taking track day riders and racers to the next level. This go fast clinic will improve your riding skills with an step by step in dept look at every aspect of your riding. Students receive on day 1 class room instruction, and then on day 2, on course exercises with one on one instruction from the area's best racers.


Saturday August 7th

Sunday September 5th


$250.00 per rider

3) Schedule:

No special licence required to attend:

1) May 1 - Spokane Raceway Park, WA

2) May 2 - Spokane Raceway Park, WA

3) May 9 - Stratotech Park, Edmonton

4) May 24 - Stratotech Park, Edmonton

5) June 13 - Stratotech Park, Edmonton

6) July 25 - Stratotech Park, Edmonton
7) August 2 - Stratotech Park, Edmonton

8) August 7 - Extreme Race School Stratotech Park

9) August 26 - Spokane Raceway Park, WA**

10) August 27 - Spokane Raceway Park, WA**

11) September 5 - Extreme Race School Stratotech Park

12) September 26 - Stratotech Park, Edmonton

13) Saturday October 16 - Spokane Raceway Park, WA

14) Sunday October 17 - Spokane Raceway Park, WA

**pre Sport Bike West Rally Track Days


Stratotech Park

$175.00 CDN Stratotech Park Track Days

$100.00 CDN AME Magazine First Time Track Day Rider Special**

Spokane Raceway Park

`$120.00 USD Spokane Raceway Park Track Days

(converts to aprox $160.00 CDN)

Purchasing tickets at the event gates will be on a first come first serve basis. Please pre register by calling the event hotline at 780-433-6275 to ensure your spot.


Professional Photography

On Board Video Cams

Two Up Sessions

Lunch Time Shows

Leather Rentals

Dyno Runs

On Track Instructors

Demo Rides

4) Season Kick Off Party & Hawaiian Tropic Girls

Everyone is welcome to join the Track Day crew, at our annual season kick off party this Friday April 23rd at Cowboys Nite Club (10105-180th Street) as we cheer on our favourite Hawaiian Tropic Bikini contestant. VIP tickets including no line, no cover and a complimentary beverage are available at any of our participating motorcycle dealership sponsors (see our sponsors list below), by calling the event hotline at 780-433-0553 or by emailing us for a printable file.

Alberta Cycle

Argyll Motorsports

Cycle Works

Echo Cycle

Honda Extreme

Riverside Yamaha / Suzuki

5) Stratotech Noise Limits

Edmonton's Stratotech Park has introduced a max sound limit of 99.9 db for those participating at our track days. We were not sure how this was going to affect our events but we are glad to announce that this new sound limit will have little to no effect on the sportbike scene. On April 9th, 2004 we tested some 30 sportbikes with various aftermarket pipes and motorwork. Out of the 30 sportbikes tested only one failed. The bike that didn't pass was over 10 years old and had little or no packing left in the exhaust. So unless you have some malfunction with your stock or aftermarket exhaust you should pass the sound limit with flying colours. Once again we are confident that all sportbikes in good mechanical condition will pass the sound test. For you techies the test is taken 20 feet away at 45' degrees at half max RPM.

6) Sponsors

Our events are possible due to the assistance we receive from our sponsors, we would like to welcome Crazy Horse Mens Club, The New Walt Healey Motorsports of Calgary, and Turple Bros Red Deer as our newest sponsors.

Alberta Cycle Motorsports

AME Magazine

Argyll Motor Sports

Cowboys Nite Club

Cycle Works Kawasaki KTM

Crazy Horse Mens Club

Daytona Racing Composites

Echo Cycle Kawasaki

Fairmont Electroplating

Fibernew Industries

Honda Extreme

Joe Rocket

Riverside Yamaha Suzuki KTM

RMR Suspensions

Sherwood Motorcycle

Steen Hansen's

Turple Bro's Red Deer

Walt Healey Motorsports

Wizzard Graphic Signs

7) AME Magazine Wheelie Schools & Stunt Comp on Hold

We at ACME Racing Promotions would like to thank all our sponsors and everyone that has supported us as we attempt to break new grounds and introduce wheelie schools and Stunt Competitions to Canada both of which are popular in Europe and the US. Six months of planning has come to a stand still has we are still looking for an insurance company that will offer us liability insurance to host our events. It seems that we can take our bikes 200 k into corners, do free style motorcross stunt competitions and jump 50 feet in the air but it is to liable for us to pull wheelies on bikes equipped with anti flip wheelie bars. Special thanks to our title sponsor AME Magazine for supporting our efforts. We hope to have the insurance issue resolved and release our 2004 dates by the next newsletter.

8) Address Change

We have moved, our new mailing address is:

ACME Racing

1603 Tompkins Place

Edmonton, AB, T6R 3E2

9) I want to get involved:

- We have a lot of new projects planned for 2004, if you have any ideas on how we can make our events better or if you want to get involved contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Rod Larocque

ACME Promotions

Event Hotline: 780-433-6275

Email: [email protected]

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As was said once before .. "Take a dump and put GT stripes on"

But seriously ... err .. ok .. best performance gain is going to come from the rider. So if you aren't pretty good already, get better, do training/trackdays etc etc.

Then I would go for suspension set up. New fork springs/revalve and perhaps a new rear shock of the budget allows. You will take far more time of your laps with suspension than a few more HP out of a can.

Once you've got the suspension set up, now you can go for power improvements. Full Hindle system is great bang for buck, or if you have the dollars go the Arata. Add in the PCIII and get it custom mapped. Don't be a friggen tight arse wanker like so many people and not bother with the custom map. EVERY bike is different, so get it done!!!!

Oggy Knobs/frame sliders etc, not quite performance but definately money saving defices if crunch time comes.

Oh yeah, and if you can eat lots of vegies and exercise heaps lose plenty of weight that helps too! :thumb:
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