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Hey all,

Just a quick post about these two companies.

1st - SupplyNDemand on Ebay :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd:

Ordered frame sliders, swingarm sliders, and bar end sliders.
First off let me say the quality of the products is great but the customer service is the worst I've ever experienced. The bar end sliders he sent me were the wrong ones and they had rubber inserts. I installed them on my bike and they didn't seem to fit right. But started my bike and the throttle was wide open!!! The rubber had forced it open. So, I e-mailed the guy like 50 times, no joke, and by the end of our conversation he blamed me for ordering the wrong bar ends and called me an idiot. So, I e-mailed him a link to his own e-bay page and he then replied "those bar ends will fit the ****ing 954!" Funny.... when we started he said I ordered the wrong ones. So, he said he would replace them with the right ones but only if I paid for shipping and I also paid for the damaged bar ends he sold me!!!!!! WTF!!!!! This guy is a joke and no one should buy from him!!!!!! EVER!!!!!

2nd - IndySuperBikes :nono:

So ordered close to $300 dollars of stuff from them. First off Motrax blinkers are ****. Don't buy em. Lens fell off the blinkers within a couple hours of installing them! What a joke. So, I also ordered some blinker spacers and they sent me the wrong ones. I have been out of the state for a couple months and finally got around to checking this stuff so they tell me they will replace the spacers but I have to pay for shipping because it's past 3 months. That's crazy. They ship me the wrong product and then charge me for shipping. I haven't even tried the undertail I bought from them so hopefully that is the right thing!!!!

Just a heads up for all! I wouldn't buy from these companies again even if they had stuff for a buck! My time is worth more than money and they have wasted alot of my time!
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