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Hi all,

I want to replace the inner fairing panels on my 99 Blade due to them being split. The problem is I'm not too sure what to refer to them as...

These are not the panels you see as you look down from the riding position. I'm referring to the ones behind the front indicators, visible from the front of the bike (if you poke your head in where the rad is) Pretty sure the 'top' ones and the ones I'm after are not one and the same but whenever I search for inner panels it comes up with the top ones...

If someone could confirm what I'm after it would be appreciated. Even better if you have a L/H and R/H knocking about I can take off your hands :) Must stress, I'm more after confirmation of the name, not the actual part so figured it wouldn't warrant including this in the 'wanted' section.

Thanks in advance.
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