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Interesting article I found whilst surfing. Thought it might be of interest to Conqsift :-

Breakthrough for CBR1100XX riders

Due to the average age of CBR1100XX riders being in the region of 65, some of our subscribers have written in complaining of the common elderly problem of urine soaked leathers. While in the cooler weather this may not be too much of a problem, once the summer heat arrives, a lot of our members complain of ridicule and exclusion from other riders when at meets, ride outs etc.

Well the time for worrying is at an end. No more will you be excluded from group chats due to the unbearable stench of piss soaked leather. Our patented Flexi-catheter is designed to slip comfortably underneath leathers, and its patented one way valve will ensure that no foul odours escape even when brimming full. Our Flexi-catheter also comes with a unique emptying system, which is fast and discreet.

So proud are we of this new design that it comes with a lifetime guarantee against failure, we can guarantee that even the most determined bladder will not wear this baby out.

Total cost for this system is $44.95…………what price would you put on comfort?
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