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Hello everybody! I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this type of thing, but I recently traded my ‘04 CB600F for an ‘02 CBR929. I say 02 because apparently the seller didn’t think to mention to me that the VIN plate and plastics (as well as the frame obviously) are from a 2002 954, but sometime along the bikes past it had a 929 swapped into it. I received it as non-running, and from all of my diagnosing I have been lead to believe that the ECU is shorted and is drawing too much power from the b/w wire connected to the fuel cut off, spark plugs, injectors and stop engine relay… etc. I’m by no means an electrical genius but I have tested relays, sensors, and continuity among wires and grounds and I have found nothing to lead me to believe it’s a shorted wire. (Bike does not prime fuel pump and has no spark, checked zener diode and ECU is receiving ~9V; when engine cutoff switch is flipped to “ON” while key is turned to “ON” the 20A fuse coming off the battery in-line with the engine stop relay blows. When BAS is upside down, it does not blow. When BAS is jumped, it blows.)

ANYWAY, I am looking for a replacement ECU and didn’t know if anybody on this forum would have one for a decent price. With the confusion of me thinking I had an ‘02, I purchased a 954 ECU off eBay for $150 which is obviously a completely different harness. All the 929 ECU’s I can find are $400+, so I figured I’d take a shot in the dark and see if you guys had a parts bike you’d be willing to sell the computer out of for a more reasonable price. I’m definitely second guessing my trade because the bike is in rougher shape than I initially thought, but I’m itching to get her on the road.

Thanks in advance! Happy to have finally joined the forum after weeks of lurking and diagnosis.
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