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So I have my bike apart installing Pcv and auto tune I welded the bung in a absolute perfect spot (genius ) but I have seen a few prob
First is a black residue In my antifreeze res I drained it and saw nothing in the fluid I'm thinking maybe a gasket was bad and he fixed it and never cleaned it but I have and will have to see if it builds back up I guess
Second is at start up I have a slight ticking I bought the bike at 10000 miles and its 2000 over now I'm currently doing my oil change since it is apart but my concern is will this fix the tick once warmed up it goes away bout 5 min figured low oil or bad oil so hope this is a fix
I'm heat wrapping my headers as well
Any thoughts on anything else I should do at this point maybe plugs if so what kind I hear all sorts of things
My timing is good air filter is good suspension is good thanks guys
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