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Hi guys got my 05 blade home which I bought from a finance company .I knew the bike was jammed in gear before I got I didnt have any keys I had to buy an ecu and a key just to make sure it runs before I start to spend money on her.problem is that it wont turn over the engine is solid I think this is due to it being jammed in gear as the lever is solid and wont select anything at all I cant operate the clutch because the case is missing .so I need to know a couple of things if you can help
firstly the fuel pump is priming so does that mean the new ecu and key are working ok.
secondly what could be the problem with the gearbox and can I strip it without taking down the top end ??
I'm going to remove the clutch so it separates it from the crank so I can makes sure that turns over freely.
Sorry for the long post
Thanks guys
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