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WHAT:  A safe trackday that will make you a better rider!

WHO: members and friends

WHERE:  JenningsGP in Jennings, FL (just south of the GA/FL line off I75)

WHEN:  May 17th and 18th

HOW MUCH:  $125 a day for 2 days of fun in the sun trackday action!  Will put a smile on your face!  2 groups and very small numbers GUARANTEE this! Email me, [email protected] or PM me, I'll put you on the list and then email you a confirmation when I receive your payment.  Its that simple!

See here for who is already going!  DON'T BE LEFT OUT!!!


Issue #1: About the price vs. # of participants. If we make 30 and the option comes about to accept more people and lower the cost, I will poll those that have paid and see what the preference is. If the majority would rather keep it at 30 and not lower the cost or add to our numbers, then that is what we will do. If the majority does want to add to our numbers, then whatever the final cost ends up being, a refund will be issued at the track on day one registration...

Issue #2: Full leathers (two piece with zipper is fine) will be required. As will boots, gloves and a helmet 5 years or newer.

Issue #3: Water only (or with water wetter) will be required for these two days, we will be checking for this. We will not require safety wiring the drain plug, filter or the filler cap.  Also, track bodywork or taped lights/signals will be required. But don't just cover them, unplug fuses and/or light connectors to insure no distractions for a following rider (plus the heat generated by the light doesn't mesh well with the adhesives of tapes). Mirrors of course need to be removed.

Issue #4: You will be required to sign a liability waiver for both NFMP and If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must be present and they will have to sign in your favor.

Issue #5: Tires: Would like for everyone to bring brand new tires if at all possible! This will be a two day event and I believe NFMP is somewhat abrasive, so you could possibly 'run out of tire' (especially the left side) if you show up on used rubber. Nothing sucks worse than having to park it on a trackday because your tires are going away on you. If you are new to trackdays and have never been, you will be perfectly fine on BT010s or BT012s or sportec, etc, etc. You don't need to run DOT race compound tires to have a good time. Regular street spec tires will do the deed just fine. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. I will do some asking around and see if I can get a deal on some tires for this event.

Issue #6: Track availability for storage: Both friday and saturday night we will be allowed to store our bikes, equipment, etc at the track. I am not sure as of yet what the cutoff time will be on friday night for late arrivers, but you will be able to leave anything you want at the track the night before day 1 and the night before day 2 without any problems.

Issue #7: Camping at the track will be allowed, but no ground fires. HondaGal has some info on a group rate and hotel, email her to see if there is still some availability.

Issue #8: The event is a go! No more deposits are required. If you want to go, send me your info and pay in full by April 17, 2003. After that date, if you haven't paid, your spot on the list is no longer secure and the first person on reserve will have the opportunity to join us for our trackdayz.

11/20/2002 Update

Update: I need to define the groups further just to insure that we are all on the same page. The beginner/intermediate group will be just that. Anyone that has never been to the track (or any track) and just generally wants to take it easy. Someone that doesn't want to run 8/10ths or higher the whole session. Passing will only be allowed on the straights. I don't want anyone in this group getting passed on anything but the straights unless there is a mechanical problem in which case you should have your left hand up (will be covered in the riders' meeting). Having said that, if you are in this group and you are holding up a group of riders in the tight stuff, but blowing them away on the straights, this is frustrating for them. There is nothing worse than being dusted on the straights by a rider you are trying to pass, only to have them park it in the corners. If this is you, simply when you pull up on the straight, accelerate, but not WFO or on the racing line, and allow following riders a chance to get by. This will keep peace in the B/I group.

In the Intermediate/Advanced group outside passing will be allowed in corners as will passing on the straights. Remember, this is a group day and we want to have fun. I really don't want people out there trying to set their fastest time ever. I want it to be a safe and enjoyable two days. I want no engine cases on the pavement. For this reason, there will be NO inside passing in corners, no stuffing. Just about every other overtaking manuever will be fine. Just use your head and if in doubt, don't do it... There are no trophies to hand out!

Any incident or contact that causes another rider to go down will result in you being asked to leave and without a refund. No exceptions. Don't put yourself in a position for this to happen and everything will be fine.

Also worthy to note, if you feel out of place in either group, notify a control rider or myself and we will get you moved to the other group, one way or another...  Understand that I am not a track expert by any stretch of the imagination, I am going to try to setup the best possible event that I can for everyone involved. I cannot do this alone, I need feedback from the group. Any questions or comments, don't hesitate to email me.

12/9/2002 Update

The track deposit has been sent. If you want to participate in the event now, don't worry about a deposit. Just pay in full by 4/17/2003. Those that have paid a deposit, thanks for fronting the money so we could lock down the date. This should be a good event.

12/10/2002 Update

We've locked down the tech inspection and registration thing. Once you go through registration, you will receive a helmet sticker signifying you are paid and legal. Once you pass tech, you will receive a sticker for your bike. Both of these stickers will be color coded signifying group affiliation.

12/20/2002 Update

Okay, more info is coming in on requirements. Some of these have already been mentioned. More may be added later. The tentative requirements are as follows:

Must have passed tech inspecition sticker on clutch side front of bike
Must have registration sticker on helmet to signifiy you have registered and paid
Complete personal equipment including; fresh snell approved or equivalent helmet, leathers (one or two piece), gloves that extend over the wrist (guantlet) and riding boots that cover at a minimum the ankle
Good brakes
Chain in good condition (no rust or out of adjustment please)
No leaks!
Paddock road speed limit is 5 MPH
Hot pit road speed limit on pit in is 25 MPH
Gate opens at 7am and closes down at 7pm
Track engines can not be run before 8am mon thru sat and 9an sunday and not run after 6pm

Tentative shedule is shaping up like this and will most likely change:
7am - gates open
7:15am - 8am - Registration and tech inspection begins
8am - MANDATORY riders' meeting
8:20am - Track walk explaining corners, apexes, braking markers, etc.
8:45am - Registration and Tech inspection closes
9am - A group on the track for first session
9:30am - B group on the track for their first session
10:00am - 12:00pm - group rotations till lunch
12:00pm - 1:00pm - Lunch, no engines running, no bikes on track (open to suggestions on lunch: have something brought in? Everyone bring their own?)
1:00pm - 5:00pm - continue rotations starting with A again. *Note: Take precaution in the later sessions if the FL heat is an issue (most likely will). Watch your tires and ride extra aware.

2/20/2003 Update

Trackside tire services will be available both days. He will sell pirelli supercorsas if you like those and will mount other tires for a small fee (to be verified).  Still working on verification!

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A few people have mentioned that they would like to come for only one day.

If this is you, I have a limited # of spots left that can take a one day only rider. Let me know which group you want and which day you want. $125 for one day. I am closing up fast, lots of people have joined up in the past few days and are definites, just waiting on checks from them now... If you wanna go for one day, email me and I'll put you on the list, your position will be concrete and definite when I receive your payment.

This is gonna be fun and I don't want anyone to miss out that doesn't want to.

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