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Jerky SP1

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Afternoon all

Took my bike out for a blast today and noticed a problem with it.
When i am stopped at the lights and go to pull off i have to hit about 5000 revs to do so.

Then as i was driving up the dual carriage way at about 30mph when i dropped it into 2nd gear and nailed it. Instead of the bike taking off into the sunset it decided it wanted to jerk........then it took off.

Its as though the bike wants to stall all the time.

The bike idles at about 1400 rpm and i know the fuel is clean as i drained and flushed the tank about 4 months ago.

Any ideas?

Many thanks
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4 months is old for fuel. What about your plugs?
Check the fuel and air filters, sounds like one or the other is clogged.
will have a look on the weekend, i've got a feeling it may be old fuel gone bad or a restricted fuel pipe as i removed the fuel tank about 4 months ago and i havent used until this weekend

air filters hardly can get 'clogged' but it most definitely sounds like your fuel!

Let us know
Guessing it isnt much warmer in the UK than here in Denmark, so I would recommend trying to add some additive for carburettors for when its cold, not sure what its called in english, but should be able to pick it up at gas stations. It helps against condensatio in the fuel, should there be any.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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