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Look guys.
Gas is some seriously complex crap. For real,and the mere idea of keeping the reasoning to octane,MON or RON i don´t care,is completely besides the point from a performance POW.

True is that octane rating and the need thereof is based on dynamic compression ratio,but as far as octane impact that is about as far as it goes.

One quart of gas(approx 1 liter to us euro folks) can contain between 17 and 19000 BTU;s and the inherent energy thereof is what sets it all "on fire".
However,as we dwell on this a little deeper it starts to become complex for real.

For instance is something known as Reids vapour number measured and this at varying temps.
That a fuel is aromatic is important as that to an extent is a measure of how willing it is to react with surrounding oxygen-amongst others.

IOW,it is kind of detrimental to for instance speak of amount of BTU;s alone(or KiloJoules or whatever) as that basicaly tells us of inherent energy amount. NOT the fuels will to connect to the other component needed for a burn to happen.

As one starts to dive into this area a little deeper one soon becomes very very humble of the fact that it is an extremely complex field of expertise.

Suffice it to say that it MIGHT very well keep merit that a lesser octane fuel at the pumps actualy carries MORE inherent and latent energy than its higher octane counterpart. Octane rating is completely besides the point as far as reference in this case.

Very well said :)
MON or RON are irrelevant.
What matters is the quality of the complete fuel _package_ that you're buying.

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Hey guys im having Problems with my Fireblade 919. When running on ANY gear once the RPMs get to 6-7 RPMs it bogs on me and it hesitates to pass the RPMs, but after passing 7 RPM goes back to normal and runs smooth again, i have installed a Filter, has a K&N, and Exhaust it has a Jardine Full Exhaust.

ok so knowing that i NEED to rejet my carbs, but what sizes do i need.? or kits.?
I had exactly the same problem. It took me 2 years to figure it out on my completely stock 919 with the exception of a micron "bolt on" exhaust can. .... #42 pilot jet, 3 M3 washers under the stock needles, fule screws at 1.5 turns, and #135 main jets on all 4 carbs. My 919 now pulls the front wheel off the ground at 1/2 throttle everytime. It took me 2 years to figure out how truly LEAN it was from was dangerously lean. Try what I have stated above. The power is incredible! and all flat spots through the RPM range are gone!!
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