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:thumbd::thumbd::thumbd:...thats what i think of george whites in swindon (well if i could put what i really felt that would be swearing!)

Bought a "joe rocket" jacket from them on one of their open days, I wanted an all black one but they didnt have my size in stock & ordering it would have taken weeks ! i opted for a red & black one....after 2 days i found a fault with the stitching, so i took it back & spoke to "pat the twat" (thats my lil nickname for him) ..he said he'd get it exchanged for me, so i asked if i could have a black one, seeing as thats the colour i really wanted & they are the same price anyway....they wouldnt even do that !...They would only order me one in the same colour (how crap is that for customer care!)
2 months later ..the replacement jacket arrives !! I pick it up & go out for a ride (nice day) ...Just 2 hours after wearing it one of the zip's seized up and i cant get my mobile phone out !...I take the jacket back to george whites & they have to break the zip to get my phone out ! (I'd rather they do that than me!) ...We will order you another one (they say)...But ive had enough....I want my money back.....they refuse & continue to order me a replacment.
Whilst waiting for the 3rd jacket I find out that I was leagally entitled to a refund on the first jacket because it was "inherently faulty at the time of sale".......So before the 3rd jacket arrives I go back to george whites & stand my ground demanding a refund or i will reoprt them to trading standards ....who im sure would be more than willing persue this for me under the "sale of goods act" ..........after 30mins of whinging i get a full refund.

This is the crappest service ive ever had from this dealer..........its a real pity george white sold his shop & the good name it took years to build was so much better when george owned it, he used to look after his customers & you could trust him......Now its owned by (god knows how many) partners & its just a warehouse full of cheap nasty crap from china now !!
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