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I recently bought a pair of the aforementioned pants from ebay.
Before I ordered them I went to the local dealer and tried on a pair.
I found that the size 32, which is the same as my everyday pants, fit pretty good, it was tight in the right places and snugged up nicely when zipped to my jacket. I walked around a bit with them on, squatted and sat on a few bikes. Fit seemed good, so I went home and ordered them from ebay for $100 less than the dealer:smilebig:

They showed up the day before my first trackday ever which was perfect.
So that night I packed up all my ****, threw it in the truck and headed to the track for the next day.

That morning I donned my leathers and hit the track during the first session(about 15 mins) I was fine, they were a little tight but ok.
After the second when I started to really hang off the bike I found my knees were starting to ache, and not in the joint but right in the center of the front of my knee cap.

It only got worse as the day went on, and I figured it to be that it was due to them being brand new. I have since had them for 3 weeks now and done one other track day of about 2 hours and find it is getting worse. It seems that the crotch is too tight when I am on the bike and since the gas tank is in the way instead of it pulling tight, it pulls on the legs of the pants and really puts pressure on my knees which is also limiting my movement and ability to hang off the bike properly.

So Does anyone have any experience with these pants? Should I expect them to break-in further? Or should I look into having them altered?

I have already Applied leather softner to them and wore them out tonight in hope that it would help.

I am 6'0" About 170lbs 32" waiste and 31-32" inseam.

Any input would be appreciated.

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