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Well, the BMW has packed a lot of technology into a fairly affordable package, which gives riders the power to dial it from easy-does-it novice to full-on racer on one and the same bike. It must be an impressive bike otherwise Keith Code wouldn't have chosen them to replace all his Kawasakis at his California Superbike Schools (as reported in Motorcyclist).

It might be not as stylish as the Italian gems but the price-performance ratio is something to look forward to. Fully equipped with traction control, race ABS, and selectable power maps the bike will sell for about $16K MSRP which by comparison $4g lower than the Italien bikes which are all at $20K and over. Btw - only Ducati and MV offer traction control - none offer race ABS.

It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.
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