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hi all, im new to this site
i think my yamaha ytps fazer 125's engines leaking oil, i took it out the other day an half way through my journey it cut out completely:mad:, it wouldnt turn on, the battery wouldnt switch on so i had to wheel it back

on the way back i saw a AA guy working an asked him what could be wrong an explained what happened, i said to him that where i park it at home it leaks drops of oil but slowly, he kick started it an it worked fine, he said to me that when you have no oil it cuts out until its been sorted

all, ive done now is bought 10w40 engine oil for it and left it there while im at work, i'd just like to here anyones point of view on the matter just incase ive missed something or if theres something i can do to make it better.

thank you for reading:thumb:
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