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I've had one before and like it so much looking to get another 1982 VF750c Magna. I've a couple questions about buying this bike. The owner says the lower tank is rusty and the rust has clogged the idle jets. He says anything below 2500 rpm and the bike spits or stalls. Is this a major problem to fix and also is that the real reason it has low rpm problems. What is the best way to fix lower tank and, if what current owner says is true, clean low speed jets? Also do I need to remove rear wheel to get to lower/reserve tank? He says it needs a new battery. I would probably get one any way. Anything else i should check for such an older bike? thanks for any all input. BTW, I really liked my first one. It was a comfortable ride and way more power than I would ever need , plus comfortable for female passenger too.
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